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Detox Secrets!

The key to my detox, anti-aging, and creativity is simple in theory. I increased my negative charges. These include raw food, distilled wa...

Neil Patel is My Go-To Techy Guy!

My detox journey has been around for a long time, and my blog has changed so much. Much of the time, I felt overwhelmed looking for answers, especially how to get more traffic. 

After following advice from different gurus, I finally found the best! He's Neil Patel.

I try keep up with his videos weekly. My traffic is now nearing 1000 a day, but with Neil's help, my goal is 1,000,000 a day!

What makes Neil special is, he helps me think creatively. I get new ideas all the time. 

This is so important. I'm blogging and telling my detox journey in pictures because I LOVE IT! New ideas that make my blog feel even more like home, fosters passion and enthusiasm to keep making it better!


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