My Fellow Creators & Bloggers:

Kello Goeller is creating
Music & New Media

Kalisami is creating
Art, Illustration, Comic, and Paintings

David Morton
(Fruitylicious Detox)
 is creating

Detox! Health Issues! Lifestyle! And More!

(He took this picture! Doesn't it just melt your heart?)

Leo's Little Life Lessons is creating

Luffyiscool is creating
Reaction Videos, PMVs,
and Shenanagans

Jerry Banfield is creating
Happier People!

Artists admire and love to support other people's creativity! 

My blog is approaching 650,000 hits, and my google+ passed 11,000,000 views!

I believe all humans should be finding their talents, and sharing it with the world!

Many more to come! See you on the other side :)

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