Detox Basics Course: part 2- Increasing Oxygen video

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Detox Basics Course: part 1- Blue vs. Brown Eyed Gene Pools video

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Cleaning our cellular water is extremely visible in

6 Years Detoxification: Age 43

It took 5 years to detox all the way back to my childhood vaccines. 
I first had to purge Hep. A/B vaccines, numerous anti-biotics, tetracyclene, accutane, the 'pill', 
fluoride, and mercury filling toxicity.

This last year was

Long Hair Secrets

March 1, 2017
6 Years 17 Days: Detox Lifestyle

After highlighting my hair for almost 30 years, I've finally grown out

Hair Growth Journey

Detox helped balance out hormones, and increased my alkalinity.
This led to much thicker, longer hair.

My Long Hair Journey

I started with very bleached out


Love Each Moment, Design Whimsical Fun, Identify Creative Flow, Live in Awe

Love each moment: Life is so much more rewarding when

Detox has been an Amazing Journey!

Aug 1, 2016
5 Years 6 Months:Detox Lifestyle

The body can heal and repair anything.
As each cell cleaned out, I looked

My Detox Journey in Pictures! (because everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes...)

5 Years 3 Months: Detox Lifestyle

My broken capillaries healed, my large pores shrunk. But the best part is that my rosacea is gone.

16 Pix: My Face-The Best & Worst

I've had skin issues since

Detox: Blonde highlights with toxin removal

5 Years 1 Month: Detox Lifestyle

My hair is looking more like my childhood color. I'm testing my theory that blondes

Corsets sweat out toxins

March 1, 2016
5 Years: Detox Lifestyle

Corsets help with sweating out toxins. Plus amazing posture and holding

My hair is growing 3/4" per month?

4 Years 10 Months: Detox Lifestyle

During my detox journey, I took monthly pictures. This really helped identify

Hair Growth- hairline looks less receded

4 Years 9 Months 21 Days: Detox Lifestyle

My PH was 7.2  for 224 days. As my hormones evened out, my square hairline became

Nail growth

4 Years 8 Months: Detox Lifestyle

116 Days 7.2 PH: Ridges in nails show low

Jowels , Health & Beauty

Aug 1, 2015
4 Years 6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Jowels: This is not aging. It's lymph accumulation.
I got it moving so my youthful

Cold sore gone with extra oxygen

4 Years 3 Months: Detox Lifestyle

I increased my oxygen and my cold sore never grew into

from Pores & Wrinkles to Smooth & Juicy

4 Years 1 Month 12 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Skin changes quickly because of it's turn over rate. Any lifestyle changes

Enamel grows back

4 Years 1 Month 10 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Enamel does grow back, just as bones heal after a break.
1. Saliva needs to be

Hair loss in women, low PH

4 Years 1 Month 7 Days: Detox Lifestyle

I was super low PH, my thyroid was terrible, and I lost so much hair.  After my

clogged pores vs. anti-aging

4 Years 27 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Within the first few months of detox, my skin looked

Lose visceral fat: better figure

March 1, 2015
4 Years: Detox Lifestyle

At my lowest PH, I was massively bloated, inflamed, with more visceral fat than

Eye color changes

3 Years 8 Months: Detox Lifestyle

In my youth, my eyes were very blue. During CF, they turned

Privacy instead of fame

3 Years 7 Months: Detox Lifestyle

This is my "Oh brother...." face.  You know your face is becoming famous, when people start

My Teeth Improvement- Back to Normal

Aug 1, 2014
3 Years 6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

The lower my saliva PH dropped, the more porous and stained 

Why My Eyes are Getting Bluer....Left Eye

2 Years 9 Months 23 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Detox cleans cellular water. At my sickest, my eyes were grey with yellowish

My Tongue Improvement!

1 Year 9 Months 19 Days: Detox Lifestyle

My Tongue Improvement: Purple shows inflammation, and cracks show

Lip Pumps Increase Circulation

10.5  Months: Detox Lifestyle

Lip Pumps Increase Circulation: Facial injections eventually

Anti-aging Detox Glow

10 Months 1 Week: Detox Lifestyle

My rosacea, skin texture, and broken capillaries 
improved with detox.

Even my nasio-labial lines look better.

Weight loss surprise - now 125 lbs!

10 Months: Detox Lifestyle

If I was ever struggling with my weight, it was always because I had poor

Forget Botox: Facial Exercises Before & After

Aug 1, 2011

6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Facial exercise works. All I did was build up the muscle between

A Sign of Detox: Eyes Bigger & Whites Look Whiter

4 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Cleaning our cellular water makes us reflect light. 
The cleaner our dead water

Detox Journey Before & Afters Weight Loss

1.5 Months: Detox Lifestyle

The first 16 pounds was easy. After I eliminated foods that made me