6 Years Detoxification: Age 43

It took 5 years to detox all the way back to my childhood vaccines. 
I first had to purge Hep. A/B vaccines, numerous anti-biotics, tetracyclene, accutane, the 'pill', 
fluoride, and mercury filling toxicity

This last year was intense for repair, and cleaning out old emotions.

Some of the key factors I always kept track of, were:

1. Saliva PH:

Healthy saliva is 7.2 for teeth to re-mineralize. If it is low, the whole body is suffering. Every organ and system is dealing with too much acid, and not enough alkalinity to neutralize it.

2. Stink in the washroom:

Sounds nasty but stinky poo is anaerobic. Aerobic poo is full of healthy bacteria that has plenty to eat. 
This is the basis of absorbing nutrition.

3. Waking up happy, on 4-5 hours sleep:

Whenever I wake up groggy, and slept 8 or more hours, it meant I didn't have enough oxygen, 
ate low quality food, or was in herxheimer (too many toxins in the bloodstream).

When my detox lifestyle is optimal, I sleep from 10pm til 3am, and feel so happy and excited.
It always meant I was all caught up with the previous day's toxin dump.

4. Super white whites of the eyes:

If my liver was keeping up with my detox, my whites look amazing!

5. Great hair and teeth:

When animals are unwell, the first sign is loss of fur. Beautiful hair in humans means our PH is normal 
(enough alkalinity to grow hair), and our hormones are balanced.

As our PH drops lower and lower, our teeth become glassy looking. 
And our teeth are just a reflection of our bones.

I have never pushed my body to detox. I've developed my intuition, and listened to what it wanted. 
I have been as gentle as possible, and I have been rewarded for it!

Watch My Bambi Dance to My Favorite CCR Song

click to play video

My all-time favorite band is CCR, Creedence Clearwater Revival. 
This deer we regularly visit by the creek seems to keep beat with her ears :) 
The song is, "Up Around the Bend".
5 minutes earlier, 2 adorable chickadees landed on my hand. 
And an hour before that, I witnessed a chipmunk give another chipmunk a dried berry, and the giver hugged the receiver. It melted my heart :)

Weird lighting here. My hair looks brown haha. 
I loved my Bambi friend. But look at his adorable cousin...

Aug 1, 2017
6 Years 6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

In the last couple weeks, I have seen a MASSIVE improvement in my gymnastics routine, 
both in strength and flexibility. 
I am 3" from the right splits, and my back bend is tighter (more flexibility in my hips/shoulders). 
I can also swing my legs and arch my back on the uneven bars, on my stomach. 
This is the first time in my adult life.
I've suspected for at least a year now, that my body is less in cleanse mode, 
and more into repair mode. Now I'm convinced. 
I'm a better gymnast at 43 than I was in my 20's and 30's. My joints and muscles are so happy!

Backflips...here I come :)

Long Hair Secrets

March 1, 2017
6 Years 17 Days: Detox Lifestyle

After highlighting my hair for almost 30 years, I've finally grown out my natural color.
I actually like my 'dirty, mousey' blonde hair. Who would have thunk?

I've never colored my hair, with dye directly on my scalp. I also haven't used chemical shampoo for 20 years. I do believe this is one of the reasons 
I have no grey hair.

Hair Growth Journey

Detox helped balance out hormones, and increased my alkalinity.
This led to much thicker, longer hair.

My Long Hair Journey

I started with very bleached out hair, with bangs and layers. My PH was very low, and it led to thin hair, and too much scalp showing.

As I made lifestyle changes, my hair thickened, to all one length, in my natural color. I no longer have to deal with brassiness.


Love Each Moment, Design Whimsical Fun, Identify Creative Flow, Live in Awe

Love each moment: Life is so much more rewarding when we observe and enjoy every second.

Design whimsical fun: I never wait for excitement to happen. I make it come my way.

Identify creative flow: Allow passions to grow and flourish. When I get in the flow, I lavish in it.

Live in awe: Never settle for stale. Focus on the treasures in life.


Hubby & I zero star camp every month from April til October. I LOVE being part of nature! 

However, we have been in snow storms, which were stunningly beautiful, but crazy cold.

We have woke up with the sound of animals outside our tent. Thankfully, they were cows eating out of our camp fire pit.

And once, I was in the bush, and a guy on the road said, "Are you European?" I said, "Yes".
(I'm Polish.) He then pointed down the road, and said, "There's a bear right there!". 

He had initially asked me, "Are you peeing?" not "Are you European?" haha :)

Detox has been an Amazing Journey!

Aug 1, 2016
5 Years 6 Months:Detox Lifestyle

The body can heal and repair anything.
As each cell cleaned out, I looked so much younger. 
The contours of my face are less puffy, my pores are tight, and my eyes are clear. 

How do I feel? Bright eyed and bushy tailed :)

My Detox Journey in Pictures! (because everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes...)

5 Years 3 Months: Detox Lifestyle

My broken capillaries healed, my large pores shrunk. But the best part is that my rosacea is gone.

16 Pix: My Face-The Best & Worst

I've had skin issues since I was 13. I only saw improvement when inflammation in my digestive track went down. This is the best glow I've had since I was 12.

Camping in the Mountains

I love basking in nature. It's been a huge part of my recovery.

I'm an artistic nomad.

One of my passions in life is travel. I've been all over North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. And I just want more!

Detox: Blonde highlights with toxin removal

5 Years 1 Month: Detox Lifestyle

My hair is looking more like my childhood color. I'm testing my theory that blondes darken, because toxins within the hair shaft darken the color. Less toxins = lighter color.

My eyes have become more like my childhood color, so why not my hair? It was light buttery blonde.

Part of detox is also our hormones working better. That may also be a factor in our color shift.

Corsets sweat out toxins

March 1, 2016
5 Years: Detox Lifestyle

Corsets help with sweating out toxins. Plus amazing posture and holding in the abs can lead to a much smaller waist.
But of course, my digestion and diet needed to be smooth. If I was bloated, I do not have a 28" waist.
I always take a deep breath in, so that my lungs are at full capacity.

My hair is growing 3/4" per month?

4 Years 10 Months: Detox Lifestyle

During my detox journey, I took monthly pictures. This really helped identify if lifestyle changes were benefiting my health. Some months, I grew more than 3/4 inch.
Even when my PH was low, my hair still grew 1/2" per month. But when it got up to 7.2. that's when it finally grew thick again.

Hair Growth- hairline looks less receded

4 Years 9 Months 21 Days: Detox Lifestyle

My PH was 7.2  for 224 days. As my hormones evened out, my square hairline became rounded. It's much more flattering. I also grew out my bangs, which I had since I was 3. This may have played a role as well.
I've always hated my square hairline. I can't wear my hair off my face. Between a high forehead, and masculine hairline, it looked severe. It looks much better now. I'm convinced that many of the things we don't like are actually because they aren't according to PHI ratios. Just like nature, everything about us should be PHI.

Nail growth

4 Years 8 Months: Detox Lifestyle

116 Days 7.2 PH: Ridges in nails show low PH.
This picture still shows that my nails are pale (poor circulation), and without moons (low thyroid). These are things I'm always working on.

Jowels , Health & Beauty

Aug 1, 2015
4 Years 6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Jowels: This is not aging. It's lymph accumulation.
I got it moving so my youthful contours are back. Health and beauty are the same thing.

Lymph is the garbage highway of your body. It is one of my primary daily concerns. I often feel tenderness below my ear, and below my arm.

Cold sore gone with extra oxygen

4 Years 3 Months: Detox Lifestyle

I increased my oxygen and my cold sore never grew into much of anything (5 days).
Viruses are also slowed down by oxygen.
This was my first cold sore of my life. I still have issues with my sinuses, so my immunity is often taxed.

from Pores & Wrinkles to Smooth & Juicy

4 Years 1 Month 12 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Skin changes quickly because of it's turn over rate. Any lifestyle changes should show within months. 
I never realized that my pores were so huge.
As my whole body recycled the weakest, most damaged cells, only the youngest, healthiest are left to glow.

Enamel grows back

4 Years 1 Month 10 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Enamel does grow back, just as bones heal after a break.
1. Saliva needs to be 7.2 PH to re-mineralize. Below 7.0, teeth are desolving.
2. Cal phos, cal phos both rebuild enamel.
3. Glycerine toothpaste coats the teeth so they can't re-mineralize- the opposite of what we want.

These areas were painful when I went to the dentist at 4.8 PH. I also always felt like my teeth were unclean. But they are back to normal. I get them cleaned once a year, and scaling is 1 or 2 units.

Hair loss in women, low PH

4 Years 1 Month 7 Days: Detox Lifestyle

I was super low PH, my thyroid was terrible, and I lost so much hair.  After my PH got up to 6.4, it looked better. Then after it was at 7.2 for 6 months, it grew to it's normal thickness, from before I got sick. 
There is a major lighting issue here, so I apologize. This picture brings back memories of how I almost chopped all my hair off because it looked so thin. But after I had more alkalinity & minerals, I could grow new hair. As my detox continued, my thyroid cleaned out as well. I wasn't as cold all the time, and my energy went up. 

I get compliments on my hair all the time. Hair is just a reflection of health, so take good care of yourself! 

clogged pores vs. anti-aging

4 Years 27 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Within the first few months of detox, my skin looked smoother and younger. But surprisingly, it took longer for clogged up pores to renew. I think this may be due to the high amount of toxins in the sweat.  
Less toxins, less clogged pores.

Lots of sun damage (freckles I've had my whole life) also disappeared.

Lose visceral fat: better figure

March 1, 2015
4 Years: Detox Lifestyle

At my lowest PH, I was massively bloated, inflamed, with more visceral fat than I cared for. When I went on the pill, I went from 28" to 32". At this point in my detox, I knew I was purging those toxins.
You detox backwards. The last toxins in, come out first. Between ages 25 to 27, I was on the  pill, which added to visceral fat. This was the toxin age I was into after 4 years. My detox took a long time because my PH wasn't steady, and my immunity was compromised.

Eye color changes

3 Years 8 Months: Detox Lifestyle

In my youth, my eyes were very blue. During CF, they turned steel grey.
Detox changed them blue again, but they still have a long way to go.
At our genetic potential, all our molecule colors are amazing together: our eyes, skin and hair are perfect. I hope to have all my childhood colors again one day.

Privacy instead of fame

3 Years 7 Months: Detox Lifestyle

This is my "Oh brother...." face.  You know your face is becoming famous, when people start using it to promote their products.   
Here's a link to a facial exercise device. Take a good look at :14 seconds 
Look familiar?  It's a compliment that someone is inspired by my face.  
But contracting your lips from side to side will give you 'monkey mouth'. 
Been there, done that... haha

One thing I am most proud of is staying anonymous. I will always be that way.

Thicker, stronger nails= minerals

3 Years 6.5 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Strong, white nails are a reflection of high PH

I've had weak nails my whole life. I'm surprised how nice they can be. I chop them short because I play guitar.

My Teeth Improvement- Back to Normal

Aug 1, 2014
3 Years 6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

The lower my saliva PH dropped, the more porous and stained my teeth were.
After it got back up to 7.2, it was easy to have white teeth again.

Teeth are a reflection of our bones. Glassy, grey teeth mean that our skeletal structure is similar.

Anti-aging detox, lymph accumulation

March 1, 2014
3 Years: Detox Lifestyle

At my sickest, I was puffy, and aging like my Dad.  This is my face before chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Without lymph build up, my youthful contours show.
Even at my lowest PH, I didn't really have wrinkles (except frown lines). It's always been lymph that made me look old. And lymph isn't permanent. It drains.

Detox toxins: anti-aging young skin without makeup

2 Years 11 Months: Detox Lifestyle

I don't wear foundation, so that my skin breathes. Most of my skincare and anti-aging regime is edible.
Because I had rosacea and acne since I was 13, I always noticed that chemicals made my skin worse. So I avoided them.

Why My Eyes are Getting Bluer....Left Eye

2 Years 9 Months 23 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Detox cleans cellular water. At my sickest, my eyes were grey with yellowish rays. They slowly turned more blue.
And because eyes are mostly water, if cellular water is clean, the whites are super white.

Whenever I was in herxheimer, (too many toxins dumped into the bloodstream), my eyes looked terrible. I was surprised how quickly eyes can change day to day.

No More Chicken Lips

2 Years 1 Months 9 Days: Detox Lifestyle

The upper lip reflects the small intestine. 
As my digestion improved, my lips looked younger and fuller.

A clean colon is the first step of detox. An impacted colon saps energy and makes us look much older.

High volume alkaline diet: anti-aging

March 1, 2013
2 Years: Detox Lifestyle

I experimented with my diet for years. 
The higher the water content in foods, the better my results. 
We are water. Water glows.

This picture shows that I wasn't sleeping. My skin looks good, but I'm still struggling with thyroid issues, and low pressure systems are keeping me up at night.

Wrinkly Fingers Show Gluten Intolerance

1 Year 9 Months 23 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Wrinkly fingers show gluten intolerance.

I've been eating gluten every day, for my entire life. I wish I knew how much gluten stuffed me up, and caused inflammation.

My Tongue Improvement!

1 Year 9 Months 19 Days: Detox Lifestyle

My Tongue Improvement: Purple shows inflammation, and cracks show nutritional deficiencies. 
It's incredible how our bodies speak to us.

I imagine part of the reason my tongue looked so bad was because my saliva was acidic.

Oxygen Benefits: less parasites, anaerobic bacteria, smaller pores, frown lines, anti-aging

March 1, 2012

1 Year: Detox Lifestyle

Massive importance of increased oxygen for immunity, parasites and anti-aging.
When I started my detox journey, I was bed-ridden with 6 chronic infections. My immunity was struggling to the point where I thought I'd end up n the hospital with a super bug.

I got chronic immunological fatigue after 2 rounds of very strong anti-biotics. So the last thing I needed was to wipe out any good bacteria I accumulated during my 1st year of detox.

I started researching oxygen, and the many therapies that use it. Extra oxygen helped my immunity wipe out candida, parasites, and gain traction fighting off my infections.

Oxygen benefits aerobic bacteria only, and gives us incredible energy.

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My eyes are getting BLUER!

11 Months 1 Week: Detox Lifestyle

My eyes are getting BLUER!
My eyes were deep indigo as a child, and slowly turned grey.

 Puffiness went down, pores shrunk, and my irises are going back to my genetic potential.

Rosacea, broken capillaries, large pores from inflammation in the gut

11 Months: Detox Lifestyle

It's painful to see how rough and raw my skin was. 
Rosacea is common when you've had  digestive issues like I have. 
Heal the gut, heal the skin.

My skin looks creamy. It is wonderful having great skin, without makeup.

Lip Pumps Increase Circulation

10.5  Months: Detox Lifestyle

Lip Pumps Increase Circulation: Facial injections eventually make us look older, because it ages our liver. But lip pumps increase our circulation that decreases with age.

Full lips shrink with age. Maintaining full lips keeps us youthful looking.

Anti-aging Detox Glow

10 Months 1 Week: Detox Lifestyle

My rosacea, skin texture, and broken capillaries improved with detox.

Even my nasio-labial lines look better.

Weight loss surprise - now 125 lbs!

10 Months: Detox Lifestyle

If I was ever struggling with my weight, it was always because I had poor digestion.
With foods my body loved, the weight just fell off.
  My summer diet needed to change with cool weather. I need far more fat when the snow comes.

Also, as long as my diet was just right, I didn't have to exercise like crazy.

Forget Botox: Facial Exercises Before & After

Aug 1, 2011

6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Facial exercise works. All I did was build up the muscle between my brows. 
It pushed the wrinkles out.

Facial exercise builds volume. I've always hated squinting, because it makes me look angry. But my eyed are just sensitive to bright light.

A Sign of Detox: Eyes Bigger & Whites Look Whiter

4 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Cleaning our cellular water makes us reflect light. 
The cleaner our dead water becomes, the more we glow like babies do.
As we age, our cells fill up with toxins. Our dead water within cells makes us look stale. On top of that, we are slowing turning into prunes. Babies are 75% water. Adult men are 60%, and women are 55%.

My scar is disappearing! Before & After Pictures

2.5 Months: Detox Lifestyle

The ultimate level of detox is recycling old cells.
Since scars are damaged cells, they get used up first.

My face is less puffy and my eyebrows are higher. My skin is thicker as well. These factors have made my scar much less noticeable.

Gorgeous skin care secrets: My Pores Have Shrunk!

2 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Gorgeous skin care secrets:
1. Clean out cellular water for increased clarity and translucency.
2. Feed aerobic bacteria on the skin. 
3. Increase topical vit/min & fats.
As I increased my negative charges through raw plants and distilled water, my skin texture changed. It looks younger, with minimal pores and wrinkles. I have more translucency because my cellular water is cleaner.

I also have more color.

Detox Journey Before & Afters Weight Loss

1.5 Months: Detox Lifestyle

The first 16 pounds was easy. After I eliminated foods that made me bloat, and caused inflammation, I lost weight quickly.

I used to be bloated after every meal. I needed to eat simpler, so that I could begin to identify what I could digest properly.

7000 Pictures: Fashion, Hair & Makeup, Nature, Animals, Architecture, Vegan-Vegetarian

March 1, 2011- The start of my Detox Lifestyle Journey

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Luv:)ly Nature

Critters R 


Vegan Inspiration
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